iBright – Your smile doesn’t meet your needs? Try the innovative teeth whitening technology and dazzle everyone with your smile!

A perfect smile is something that draws our key attention when we look at someone. It is no wonder then that each of us dreams that our smile will be unique and full of glow. Unfortunately, the drinks and foods that we eat and at the same time toxic cigarettes, which are addiction to a multitude of people, cause that our teeth accumulate sediment, which does not help our smile.

Keep away from anything that damages the enamel of your teeth. If you can’t give up coffee or cigarettes, limit them. When talking about dental hygiene, you should also think about regular visits to dental offices. However, something that will improve the condition of our teeth with a quick result is a product called iBright! Thanks to the perfectly complemented composition, it will make our teeth bleached immediately in 5 days! iBright has been tested a lot, so you can use it without any worries!

Expert opinion:

I have been dealing with dentistry for over 20 years. In my office every day I accept a lot of people who have different types of teeth problems. As probably everyone knows, the visual element is extremely important, so in our work we make every effort to provide customers with what they want, and therefore the perfect smile. Incorrect application for the oral cavity, and products that cause the settlement of sediment leads to significant discoloration on our teeth, which certainly does not look great .. The market provides us with a lot of dentifrices, while some of them affect only temporarily and do not provide thoughtful results. They are often associated with side effects, and you have to remember that health should always be put first. As a specialist in the dentistry industry, I can recommend a product called iBright, because it has been tried many times in my office and I can communicate with a clear conscience that it is a measure that meets our expectations! It has surprising effects in a very short period, while it is 100% safe! Sodium perborate included in the product is a source of active oxygen, which allows for better oxidation and abundant whitening results. Hydroxyapatite crystals help the whitening gel stick to discolorations, making bleaching even more efficient. Another benefit of the product is that it comprehensively protects our enamel! iBright has already gained many positive reviews among consumers, while those interested in using it are constantly growing. I recommend it to anyone, regardless of the condition of our teeth .. If we are going to take care of our teeth then let’s do it with iBright!

Customers opinion :

Alice 40 years old,
I am constantly in dental offices and that is where I found out about iBright! A great measure!

Wanda 27 years old,
At work I drink a lot of coffee and unfortunately this translates into unsightly discoloration on my teeth, but everything returns to normal after implementing iBright!

Marta 36 years old,
iBright and nothing else is needed to have a unique smile!

Mateusz 28 years old,
I have been smoking cigarettes for 10 years, so my smile is not what I would prefer. Fortunately, I came across iBright!

Karol, 65 years old,
Even at my age, you can have an attractive, healthy smile!

Jan 40 years old,
I have never met a more suitable measure! I recommend to everyone!


Sodium Perborate
droxyapatite crystals