Miralash – effective conditioner for weak and brittle eyelashes

Miralash eyelash serum is an extremely advanced formula of valuable nutrients that support eyelashes, make them thick and lengthen, making them a natural ornament for all eyes. It is a medicine that ensures long and impressive eyelashes with strong bulbs that do not fall out during heavier makeup. The conditioner can be used independently of other cosmetics, because it does not enter into any unforeseen reactions with them. No side effects of using Miralash eyelash conditioner were observed at the same time. The effectiveness of the drug has been recognized by clinical experience on a group of over a hundred women and thanks to numerous dermatological experiments in which no adverse effects on eyelash solidity were noticed. Miralash is a conditioner that helps restore lashes to their natural vitality, resistance and durability after long use of synthetic eyelashes or permanent make-up that was able to violate their biological structure.

Using this conditioner, you can lengthen eyelashes by up to 50%, restore their natural naturalness and immensely thicken them. However, do not bother with side effects or skin irritation around the eyes. Miralash eyelash serum is a product with extremely strong and extremely effective action proven on many different types and confirmed by hundreds of satisfied customers. One bottle is even for 4-5 months of daily use, which makes this agent one of the incredibly efficient on the market.

Expert opinion

As a make-up artist, I know very well how many problems can be caused by eyelashes that are incredibly hard to control. Even perfect makeup will prove fruitless if the eyelashes are not thick, long and healthy. Therefore, for my clients who are experiencing huge problems with them, I recommend using Miralash eyelash serum, which gives them a new glow. The conditioner is used daily, so eyelashes receive a beneficial portion of vitamins and minerals every day that make them elastic and thicken and lengthen them strongly. I noticed the initial results of using this product even after two weeks.
Because it is a means used close to the eyes, I have specified in detail all contraindications to its application, allergic or allergic effects, and it turned out that the latter are not at all. However, the only factors excluding the use of Miralash are chemotherapy and pregnancy. This is extremely surprising, because no other measure on the market is so reliable and at the same time maintains such a high level of protection. As a professional, I also want to draw attention to the highly abundant and varied composition of the preparation made on the basis of water and glycerol. Thanks to this, eyelashes are constantly perfectly moisturized and do not dry or stick to each other, thus violating the entire dazzling result. Natural nettle and ginseng extracts enrich all the chemical richness of the nutrient. I can honestly recommend it to all girls who have flaws related to the appearance of their eyelashes and want to change them in an express and effective way. Miralash eyelash conditioner allows you to achieve instant results after one complete treatment, and can also be used with various cosmetics and applied makeup.

Customers opinion

Daria 27 years old
Miralash eyelash serum is number one in my home and among my friends at work. I don’t have any friends who wouldn’t use her.

Martyna 22 years old
I didn’t believe that anything could help me with my eyelashes. But it turned out that Miralash works even in particularly bad cases.

Basia 34 years old
Eyelashes are thick, extremely thick and do not fall out as much as in the past.

Felicja, 40 years old
After 30, my eyelashes lost their shape, often fell out and broke. It was thanks to Miralash that I was able to restore their natural endurance.


– Trupeptide biotinol
– Glycerin
– Propyl glycol