Profolan – say stop androgenetic alopecia

When choosing the most effective pills for hair growth, it is worth guided not only by their price, but above all by the effectiveness of functioning. Profolan is a declaration of instant results, scientifically certified effect on hair and long-lasting effectiveness that no other preparation available on the market can provide. These are tablets for hair loss with an extremely effective and modern composition, which uses extracts of horsetail, nettle and in addition l-cysteine, making an important contribution to internal cellular and tissue processes. Due to the fact that the supplement works from within the body, its entire composition immediately breaks down in the blood and goes to the hair follicles, stimulating them to stronger regeneration and lichen. And the effects of such action can be seen outside: the hair begins to grow on balding spots, growing at the same time more numerous and more resistant. Profolan are unique hair loss pills that use the Grow3 formula to prevent excessive hair loss and hair bulb instability. Systematic use of the preparation has undoubtedly confirmed functioning: men suffering from androgenetic alopecia can enjoy the extraordinary quality of their own hair again, prevent unnecessary hair loss and stimulate the growth of new and stronger hair.

The above-mentioned composition of baldness tablets is also enriched with taurine – the active substance, which in the body is responsible for limiting the process of hair bulbs release, which means that it has an effect on preventing baldness. The use of Profolan is a much cheaper and more efficient alternative to cosmetic surgery involving hair transplantation. By regularly taking pills for hair growth, you don’t have to worry about the effectiveness of their effects. The drug itself is available without a prescription, without consulting a doctor and without having to visit a pharmacy – you can get it directly from the manufacturer, and do not overpay. The dosage of the alopecia diet supplement is fabulously simple: two pills a day taken preferably during the first meal and washed down with a minimum of glass of water. All therapy provides the best results after about 3 months of use, but the first noticeable effects of taking pills are noticeable even after 2 weeks!

Expert opinion

Genetic conditions, unhealthy diet, unpleasant life under stress, neurosis, ailments from a psychological source, diseases. There is a mass of causes of baldness in men, although the vast majority of them occur primarily from genes that are difficult to cheat. Virtually all commercially available hair growth pills cope with the causes of extragenetic alopecia, but only Profolan allows you to maintain thick and strong hair also in the case of baldness derived from genetic conditions. It is a very complex, innovative and supported on many years of experience dietary hair loss supplement that I can entrust to all men. Both as a dermatologist with many years of experience, as well as the same representative of men struggling with this defect. Profolan are tablets for hair growth, which bring beneficial results immediately after 2 weeks of use, while the strongest and exceptionally recognizable effects are after the end of the entire treatment. This can last from three to several months depending on what results we want to achieve. I can recommend these hair growth pills as an effective, proven supplement that will help men regain confidence by reforming their own appearance. Thick and strong hair that does not fall out of handfuls and does not form bald pies on the head does not have to be just a dream for many balding men. Profolan hair growth pills will help them regain their proper condition. The Grow3 formula has proved to be important, which not only has a direct impact on delaying the hair loss process, but above all actively participates in supporting the bulbs for stronger growth, thanks to which the hair grows quickly. At the same time, they retain stiffness, resistance and elasticity that allows them to cover the scalp well.

Customers opinion

Adrian 48 years old
The therapy is stronger and the results extremely satisfying. I would recommend.

Konrad 55 years old
I got Profolan from children. These are the best baldness pills I’ve used.

Wiesław 40 years old
Pills for hair growth caused that I still have thick hair on my head and women are still looking at me.

Mariusz 50 years old
I started balding quickly after the age of 50. Fortunately, Profolan appeared and my problems disappeared.


– Field horsetail

– Common nettle

– L-cysteine