Ling Fluent

Ling Fluent – immediate results and short learning of a foreign language

Eight foreign languages ​​and a unique method of learning them. Is this impossible? Ling Fluent indicates that this is the most obtainable. And soon!

The idea of ​​Ling Fluent is extremely easy: just start the program and then choose from the list of available languages ​​the one you need to start learning. The application itself will show us customized sets of new words, which are grouped into instinctive groups, e.g. health, work, family, facilitating overall learning. And then you should only act together with the tips on the monitor - understanding the next words, learning how to use them in real sentences and finally understanding their Polish meaning. The form of learning Ling Fluent developed by experts is an effective and extremely accessible way to learn a huge vocabulary in a foreign language, and thus to easily and easily communicate on holiday trips or during international work. Importantly, the strategy affects students of all ages; it doesn't matter whether you barely start learning a particular language or whether you have already dealt with it - the method is universal and therefore works so efficiently even for individuals who start learning at an advanced age. The use of the online e-learning platform also affects the effectiveness of the method, because learning new words becomes extremely interesting, effective and varied. In addition, you can also verify the status of your qualifications and progress achieved on an ongoing basis, and by repeating the exercises effectively consolidate the words learned and learn to use them in everyday interpersonal communication.

Expert opinion

I have been a teacher of English and French for almost twenty years. I worked in schools and gave tutoring, properly watching the language capabilities of Poles of all ages. And these are huge, however, they usually lack the correct teacher or effective technique to learn and preserve the acquired knowledge. When the Ling Fluent method appeared on the market, I immediately tested it and noticed that it was exactly what my students and I expected. Especially since it is a technique based on e-learning, which teaches in an accessible way, but at the same time incredibly intuitive. Ling Fluent will allow you to learn up to eight foreign languages, because during learning you use the same areas of the brain that adolescent children use and which are extremely active during this period. Thanks to this, we learn words and expressions much faster, and they are easier to remember.

Where does its effectiveness come from?

However, the undeniable hit that I admire as a specialist in language learning is the form and technique used. Initially learning the new word itself, learning it later in the formulation and only finally looking for its translation, we get used to it much more efficiently and faster than if we did it in reverse chronology. This form of learning allows for better use of the mind and significantly intensifies the process of remembering new words. When teaching foreign languages, I pay attention to expand my vocabulary first, and then to present the exact grammar. Ling Fluent is based precisely on this value, enabling you to learn a large number of foreign words, put them correctly in sentences and use them in a convenient context. And this is much more important in natural language communication. So I recommend this strategy and program as an effective and effective device for learning other languages, which gives satisfactory initial results immediately after a really fast period.

Customers opinion

Jacek 22 years old
For all my years at school, I haven't learned languages ​​as well as with Ling Fluent

Mirek 41 years old
I had to learn English quickly because I was going abroad. Ling Fluent helped me do this quickly

Iza 28 years old
It works. We draw on this technique with a partner and we both make express progress!

Beata 31years old
I would recommend! I am already developing my third language so effectively and I can easily get along.

Karol, 18 years old
Great preparation for the Matura exam, designed exercises and practical use of the program.

Przemysław 55 years old
I was distrustful because learning languages ​​my age? However, Ling Fluent really worked!